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Teeth Whitening

Affordable teeth whitening in Grand Prairie and Arlington -A brighter smile In-office or at home!

teeth_whitening_desoto_tx.jpgWhen you come to Comfort Smile Dental for your Comprehensive Dental Checkup, or cleaning, we will provide you with custom whitening trays and materials for teeth whitening for a one-time enrollment fee.

Then, at each recommended preventive visit, we will give you a complimentary touch up kit of teeth whitening gel. Whitening can only be used if your teeth are deemed to be cavity free by one of our experienced Dental Professionals.

We reward you with teeth whitening when you keep your preventative checkup appointments!

In-Office and At Home Teeth Whitening

The simple process for teeth whitening is made easy by your partnership with one of our Dental teams. Teeth whitening gel is placed into a custom made teeth whitening tray and worn for an hour a day for ten to twelve consecutive days.
This form of tooth whitening treatment can be as effective as ZOOM teeth whitening but is done in the privacy of your own home. If you do not wish to do the Whitening at home please talk with one of our friendly staff about our deals on the latest In-Chair ZOOM!

Teeth Whitening for Life program

The best way to take advantage of teeth whitening would be to enroll into our Whitening for Life program where we give you your free teeth whitening gel at every periodic preventative checkup and clean appointments for as long as you are a regular patient!

Whitening for Teeth with Sensitivity

For a small number of patients who are highly sensitive to the teeth whitening gel, there can be tingling or slight pain. In these cases, we recommend that the trays be worn for a comfortable period and build up to an hour if possible. Trays can be used every other day or a desensitizing agent placed into the trays immediately after each tooth whitening session. Additional teeth whitening gel will be provided until the desired result is achieved.

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