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Now your teeth can now be straightened invisibly- Invisalign provider in Grand Prairie.


invisalign_desoto_tx.jpgThe Clear Alternative to Braces: Clear Braces in Grand Prairie.


For years, millions of people have dreaded wearing traditional metal and wire braces. Metal braces can be uncomfortable—especially when their brackets and ligatures scrape or irritate the linings of lips and cheeks. Furthermore, traditional braces are noticeable and this makes many patients feel self-conscious of their smiles.


Today, however, there is an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment that is both comfortable and discreet. Achieving a straight smile comfortably without drawing too much attention to one’s treatment is possible with Invisalign, a revolutionary teeth-straightening system that is virtually undetectable to others.


How Invisalign Straightens Smiles


Invisalign straightens teeth without the need for wires and metal brackets. Instead, this system shifts teeth over time with the use of clear aligners—a plastic, retainer-like appliance. Different sized, custom aligners are worn in succession to move teeth to healthy positions over time. Invisalign can correct spaced and crowded teeth as well as improve occlusions (bites).


Most patients begin to notice an improvement in tooth placement in a few months’ time and once treatment is complete, patients enjoy healthier, straighter smiles.



Benefits of Invisalign


Wearing Invisalign offers unique benefits when compared to traditional orthodontia. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign is not permanently fixed to teeth. This means that patients can remove their aligners during meals and when brushing or flossing. Since aligners are removable, patients can eat comfortably and thoroughly clean their teeth.


Made from soft plastics, Invisalign is not only discreet, it is comfortable. Aligners will not scrape against soft oral tissues like the insides of cheeks or lips.



A Straight Smile is Good for Oral Health


Beyond the aesthetic benefits of a straight smile, patients with properly aligned teeth enjoy better oral health. Overlapped and crowded teeth are more likely to develop tartar deposits because removing plaque and debris is more difficult. Furthermore, straight teeth prevent untimely tooth wear.


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